Project Description


Jaguar Art Project

St. Moritz, Sylt and St. Tropez – these are the legendary places where Jaguar Germany presented an international exhibition called “Shadows” by the famous artist Stefan Szczesny in 2011. The spectacular art exhibition involved some fascinating scenery as a backdrop for the shadows of Stefan Szczesny’s steel sculptures – an art project that was totally new in its density and dimensions, even for this highly prolific artist. The viewer was given some amazing insights into an increasingly important area of Stefan Szczesny’s artistic creativity.

The 400-kilo sculptures, three metres in height, were first shown in the snowcovered winter landscape of Kulm Park in St. Moritz. These ambassadors of the Mediterranean warmed the hearts of winter guests on leisurely walks. Next, in spring, Szczesny’s shadow sculptures moved to the German North Sea island of Sylt. Positioned in the most striking places of the island, these works of art cast their jet-black shadows onto the sand. Finally the family of sculptures travelled home to St. Tropez where they have since then welcomed visitors in a variety of places.

Each venue was unique in itself, yet it was the interaction of the three exhibitions which added a special dimension to the art project by seeking to overcome national boundaries and linking totally opposite landscapes and cultural contexts. Again and again, the works of art and their interplay of light and shade added a special emphasis to the grandeur of nature in each place. The Shadows project was poetry for the eye.

“Enjoy life! Enjoy luxury, peace and sensuality,” was the message that these figures conveyed to art lovers – in the Swiss Alps, in the dunes of Sylt and on the French Riviera. Ultimately, of course, it was the special formula of “luxe, calme et volupté”, as manifested in the shadow sculptures, which harmonised so well with the Epicurean spirit of the three fashionable exhibition venues. After all, what unites the three cosmopolitan villages of St. Moritz, Sylt and St. Tropez across the distance and at a deeper level is undoubtedly a certain outlook on life, combining the art of living with joie de vivre, so that each place provided an ideal background for the projection of Stefan Szczesny’s art.

“Stefan Szczesny is one of the most significant contemporary German artists. I am therefore very pleased that we could win him as a brand ambassador for Jaguar and the Jaguar XJ, as there are numerous aesthetic points of contact between his art and Jaguar. Stefan Szczesny is not only an outstanding artist but also a true connoisseur who has a good understanding for the finer things in life. His art and his personality stand for style, passion and luxury – just like our Jaguar models,” says Peter Modelhart, CEO of Jaguar Germany.